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    Beth Kille

    Beth Kille is a 22-time Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) award winning artist from Madison, WI who has been cranking out Americana-Rock tunes since 2000. From solo house concerts to full-band festival shows, her love for the stage and genuine passion for performance shine through in all settings. Kille's stage prowess was recognized in 2011 when she received Artist of the Year honors at the Madison Area Music Awards. She has also been honored twice with the MAMA for Female Vocalist of the Year ('06, '10) and was nominated for Singer- Songwriter of the Year in 2014 and for Female Vocalist of the Year in 2017 by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI).

    Staunchly committed to the advancement of young musicians and songwriters of all ages, Kille works as the Music Director for Girls and Ladies Rock Camp Madison, hosts Madison's Chick Singer Night and is an engineer/producer at Studio Gusto, where she specializes in recording/producing records for new artists. She is sought out for her songwriting and music industry knowledge from both private students and in the workshop setting.

    She's thrilled to be a part of the Between the Wave Madison Music Festival + Conference - both as a performer in Chick Singer Night Madison at 7pm on Friday, June 16th at the Brink Lounge and as a workshop instructor for "Music Theory for Songwriters."

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    Lords of the Trident

    Their metal is so pure that only diamonds can scratch it, and usually the diamonds are the ones that end up getting hurt in the end. Their amps are so loud, Manowar knocked on their door and asked them to, “Please turn it down.” You think you're bad? While you're watching their sweep picking wondering how they bend space-time to fit all the notes in, they'll punch you right in the face without missing a beat. If you like battle, bloodshed, axes, fire, and losing limbs, then mosh your way to the front row and receive your free ticket to Valhalla. If you don't like these things – too bad. They're playing anyway, and they'll make sure to steal your girlfriend in the process.

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    Red The Bully

    Red The Bully is a 20 year old artist from Madison Wisconsin, looking to show the surrounding cities and states that the one he reps has a voice.

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    Morningstar has been evolving into their heavy, symphonic, melodic, rock sound that they have today, since first forming in the spring of 2008 when Amber answered an ad in the newspaper for a guy that was seeking a singer for a band; that guy was Brandon, guitarist. By spring of 2009 Amber and Brandon were writing original metal music, and recruited her younger brother, Dave, to be their drummer. They played their first gig as DAGGER in May 2010. From there they evolved into Amaryth, and in 2017, emerged as Morningstar with Amber on vocals, Brandon playing guitar and bass and Dave on drums. The band writes with the intention of calling out injustices, and a goal to inspire listeners to think about the path you’ll choose when confronted with a difficult choice. Their writing seeks to go into the deep emotional space that has the power to create connections with, and between, those who have suffered, and are suffering. Their lyrics and style comes from a desire to express through song, that they acknowledge the emotions of the suffering, and to create a shared experience through music.

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    Help Desk

    Five guys with nothing to be pissed off at started a punk band. It was awkward. Fearing for their street cred, they knew they had no choice but to write songs about the one thing everyone gets pissed off at: tech support. The punx were upped and Help Desk was born, combining shrewd lyrics with OK music to create their own original style that sounds just like Lagwagon.

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    Casket Robbery

    Heavy metal evokes deep emotions from elation to introspection to revulsion. Casket Robbery runs the gamut all the while burrowing its titanic sound deep into your psyche. The songs are pulverizing and catchy. The imagery is unique and their live performances invoke a primordial effigy others can only hope to achieve.

    If you don't find yourself moving to this you should at least feel dirty for listening.The undeniable grooves and hooks coupled with conceptual, female vocal brutality make Casket Robbery the next level force of death metal insanity. Take a deep breath. Your unrelenting nightmare has just begun.

    Pulse pounding, unrelenting, heavy, and brutally catchy.

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    Broadway Muse

    Broadway is an artist from the South side of Chicago's innermost city. She is a rapper, spoken word artist, lyricist, and inspirational speaker.

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    Bronson Wisconsin

    Bronson Wisconsin is a tasteful collaboration of Alt-Country, Indie-Rock, and everything in between. Growing up as one of 9 kids in a musically diverse home, brothers Bronson and Preston was exposed to all the music they could handle and more than enough instruments needed to express themselves. Spending the long, cold Wisconsin winters the same way they spent the hot and beautiful summers, practicing their craft.

    After achieving success as the globally recognized latin duo, Taalbi Brothers, Bronson went on expressing a different side of himself as a singer and as a songwriter. What started out as a "one day one song" demoing session, quickly turned into "3 days, 6 songs" and before they realized it, the brothers had themselves their first EP as Bronson Wisconsin.

    "That Damn Piano" was released on Friday, June 10th in Bronson Wisconsin's hometown of Madison, WI.

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    Zeroed Hero

    Zeroed Hero pours a classic blend of '70s and '90s style rock that’s more Muhammad Ali than Mike Tyson. Straight from Madison, Wisconsin, ZH serves up a bevy of potent guitar riffs, thoughtful lyrics, and memorable harmonies that’ll make your heart pound, your head sweat, and the temperature of your jeans rise. Try on some Black and Blue-collar Rock & Roll!

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    3rd Dimension

    3rd Dimension is a new-aged hip-hop group based in Madison, Wisconsin: Home of the Badgers. Unlike most acts in hip-hop '3rd Dimension' prides itself on being a group and because of this the group as a whole is complex and capable of delivering a sound that is unparalleled by hip-hop acts past and present. '3rd Dimension' features rappers 'Probz', 'Spaz', 'Rico' and 'Half-Breed' as well as apperances from 'Burn$ampson'. The group's beats are made nearly exclusively by Producer 'Burn$ampson'.

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    Imaginary Watermelon

    Imaginary Watermelon is a heart-pumping alternative folk-rock band based in Madison, WI. It is comprised of stellar musicians plucked from some of Madison's favorite bands; a 4-piece with collectively decades of experience in the fine Art of rockitude. Since their formation in January 2015, they've been making a lot of noise in Madison and the surrounding midwest. They recently received 6 nominations at the 2017 Madison Area Music Association Awards, taking home the award for Best New Artist and playing as a featured musical guest. In June of 2017, Imaginary Watermelon released their debut full-length album, Swimming in Potential. With powerhouse vocals, poignant lyrics, screaming guitar licks, and an effortless groove: this mighty 4-piece puts on a great show that gives the right kind of buzz.

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    Distant Cuzins

    Long ago, there was a glorious time in rock and roll. A time of guitar-driven rock with hooks that would have lighters high in the air. A time with guitar slingers who not only owned the stage, they owned the audience with adrenaline-filled marathons of what was good and right about the power of music.

    While stadiums are now filled with synth, auto-tune, there are still a few brave keepers of the light prowling backroad bars with Les Pauls and Stratocasters…serving up righteous rock to the faithful.

    There is where you will find Distant Cuzins.

    A band that carries on the mission of their rock forefathers – leave the audience breathless.

    With their second album now under their belt, and opening gigs for major bands including Kansas and Smashmouth, Distant Cuzins have established themselves as one of the premiere rock bands in the Midwest.

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    Wurk is an up-and-coming funk-fusion group from Madison, having placed a close 2nd in Isthmus Magazine's 2017 Madfaves for Best New Band. Isthmus described the band as "summer-jam-perfect". Wurk is also in the running for Best of Madison 2018 (Local band - Singer/Songwriter) by Madison Magazine. Wurk's style encompasses several genres, with clear influences from bands like Snarky Puppy, Thundercat, Umphrey's McGee, Tauk, The Motet, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, The Meters, and many more. Their sound seeks to employ a musically educated yet groovy "Big City" tone. With songwriting by keyboardist/vocalist, Miles Morkri, and guitarist/vocalist, Frank Laufenberg, Wurk fills the gap between complexity and groove. Miles' brother, Max Morkri, a 2018 MAMA award nominee for Instrumentalist of the Year on drum set, drives the band with his blend of solid grooving and intricate chops. Coupled with Max's drumming, Casey Seymour delivers powerful bass lines which pull the band together. Ryley Buchanan (synth/organ) and Carl Hipenbecker (Trumpet) add to Wurk's complexity with horn lines, effects, and impressive solos. All of Wurk's members grew up in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, just West of Madison. Their shared background creates the band's closeness on stage and their ability to communicate musically. Wurk is fresh off of their new release of an album called Broken Disco, available physically and on all major online music retailers. This is Wurk's second album, after they released their first, self-titled album in March of 2017.

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    The People Brothers Band

    Originally hailing out of Madison, Wisconsin, The People Brothers Band (PBB) are a staple of the Midwest’s vibrant music scene. Featuring some of the best vocalists and musicians in the region, the PBB have blossomed into a unique brand of Rhythm and Soul dedicated to uplifting the hearts and minds of its friends and fans. The PBB’s core mission is to bring people together by spreading love through music. Coupled with their energetic live shows and infectious stage presence, they are guaranteed to bring the party.

    The PBB have been honored to win several awards from the Madison Area Music Association (Pop/R&B Artist of the Year 2017, Best Pop/R&B Album 2015, Best Blues Album 2013, Best Blues Song 2013) and Wisconsin Area Music Industry (R&B/Soul Artist of the Year 2014). The PBB believes in supporting the community that allows them to thrive. The band is proud to host the annual Charity Jamboree that has helped raise near $100,000 for National Multiple Sclerosis Society, UW Carbone Cancer Center, and American Diabetes Association.

    The PBB have also opened Driftless Music Gardens in the beautiful rolling hills of Yuba, Wisconsin, where they host the annual Bonfire Music & Arts Festival and People Fest.

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    Katie Scullin

    Some people sing because they can. And then there are those who write searching lyrics because they must, who work on music because they are compelled to deconstruct, reinvent and refine. Katie has a way of wrapping you in her rhythm, surprising you with a jab here and a soft, elegant whimper there. She has turned the indie-pop ballad on its head, and continues to craft an impressive arsenal of original songs planted firmly in her own style.

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    The Lower 5th

    The Lower 5th incorporates folk, rock, R&B, reggae, country and bluegrass to produce a unique blend of Midwestern Soul that swings, sways, rocks, and wails. Luke Jorgensen, Cory Swadley (The Northern Pines) and Paul Metz(The Mascot Theory) began to work together to write and perform songs that draw from and build upon their common diverse musical roots. With the addition of Josh Smith (Eugene Smiles Project) Jeremy Henning (Trombone) and Audrey Pescatelli (bass), The Lower 5th is a band of powerhouse musicians that play high energy music from the heart and leave it all on stage with every performance. The band has performed in many venues in Madison and across central Wisconsin including featured sets at The Wiskeyonsin Family Reunion, Ragged Roots, Bandit County Fair, Madison Charity Jamboree, Lands End Summer Concert Series, Between the Waves Music Festival, radio and television performances as well as bi weekly residency at The Up North Bar. The Lower 5th has also performed support for national acts including Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band, Gangsta Grass, and The Railsplitters.

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    Driveway Thriftdwellers

    Starting out as a few guys who just wanted to play some Flying Burrito Brothers tunes, the Driveway Thriftdwellers have emerged as a top original act in Wisconsin’s Country and Americana music scenes.

    Named 2017 WAMI Country Artist of the Year, the Thriftdwellers have toured the past year in support of their critically acclaimed debut album “Cutover Country,” named a top 10 Milwaukee area album of 2016 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel declared the Thriftdwellers' 2017 Summerfest performance a “Best Of” performance for the festival, and called the band a must see live act for Summer 2017.

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    Old Soul Society

    Old Soul Society is a Wisconsin-based group, rooted in Americana with branches into Folk, Rock, Soul, Pop, Country, Blues & more.

    Fronted by Singer/ Songwriter Derek Ramnarace on Vocals & Guitars and featuring a cast of top notch musicians, Old Soul Society’s focus is clearly on the craft of songwriting as displayed in the rich, textured musical layers they create to underscore Ramnarace’s introspective, honest and heartfelt lyrics.

    These details combine into a powerfully stirring live performance that has been winning over audiences everywhere. The star is already burning bright for this group and only appears to be getting brighter with the release of their debut album in 2016.

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    Lost Lakes

    Lost Lakes is a collaboration between Corey Mathew Hart and Paul Mitch. The two met during a songwriting competition held by a local radio station. It wasn't until they returned for a duets portion of the follow year's competition that Corey saw Paul play bass and singing harmonies. The first time Corey and Paul played together, they clicked musically and personally. The collaboration has grown over the years, developing into a strong songwriting and production team with a focus on well-crafted tunes and tight vocal harmonies. Lost Lakes' self-titled debut record bears witness to their talents and the fact the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

    Recorded over a 9 month period, the recording process was a labor of love. Paul and Corey produced the record and enlisted percussionist Shane Leonard (Field Report, The Stray Birds) along with longtime bandmate Rusty Lee on keyboards to fill out the sound. The project was recorded in a shared warehouse space called the Dojo. Many of the basic tracks were recorded live in 2 separate sessions with overdubs done in small Thursday night sessions. Being fairly porous to the outside elements, the temperature in the Dojo ranged from 41 degrees to well over 100 over the course of the project, adding a sense of adventure to the sessions. Being able to take their time for this project gave Corey and Paul a lot of freedom to try different sounds and arrangements for songs they have been playing live for a couple of years. With no pressure, no deadline, and a giant warehouse space filled with eclectic gear, the two managed to create a record of the highest quality.

    When it came time to mix the album, Corey and Paul called on an old acquaintance, Grammy award winning engineer Justin Guip. The two had met Guip years ago when they opened for The Amy Helm (daughter of Levon Helm) at a Barn show in Spring Green, WI. Guip also happened to have just finished a record with the Stray Birds that Shane Leonard played percussion on. The past and present collided, and the timing couldn't have been better. Corey and Paul approached Guip about mixing the record and he was very excited about the songs and tracks that were laid down at the Dojo. Guip's aesthetic greatly aligned with the vision that Paul and Corey had for the record, and the result is a compelling masterpiece.

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    Hickory Road

    Hickory Road is an American rock 'n' roll band. Getting back to the days of garage rock with no emphasis on one particular genre. Influences from all over the spectrum including rhythm and blues, country rock, southern rock, funk and even jazz. We like to think we appeal to everyone.

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    The Ryan McGrath Band

    The Ryan McGrath Band is a Madison, WI-based blues, country and rock band, deeply rooted in classic American music.

    The perfect soundtrack for a cross-country road trip, the band draws its influences from blues legends and country greats. Featuring: Tom Pietras on drums, Willie Rausch on Bass, Paul Sabel on Harmonica, and Ryan McGrath on guitar/vocals.

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    Derek Ramnarace

    Derek Ramnarace is a singer/songwriter/guitarist who has worked professionally as a nationally touring musician since 2002. Starting with his genre defying powerhouse act Hooch, followed by the rock, reggae & blues collective The SoapBox Project, and his most recent labor of love - the Americana, folk, rock act called Old Soul Society.

    Derek works as a promoter, agent, and producer for many acts and venues throughout the Midwest and is the Founder and Entertainment Director of Ragged Roots Music & Arts Festival which is entering it's eighth year of shining the spotlight on up and coming independent music acts of all genres from around the Midwest.

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    Shawndell Marks

    Shawndell Marks grew up singing in church, at family reunions and in the backseat of the family car while harmonizing with her mother. As a teen, she performed Patsy Cline's beloved Crazy nightly at the Wisconsin Opry in Wisconsin Dells and later with an Elvis impersonator who sweated profusely. While studying music at UW-Madison, she played and sang with the classic rock and country band Thunder Road at bars & festivals throughout the state, opening for acts such as George Jones & the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. She now fronts her own original band and is involved with several Madison area projects including Girls Rock Camp, Chick Singer Night, Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets, and various studio projects. Shawndell has been nominated for four MAMA awards, including Keyboardist of the Year, Best Cover Band with Gold Dust Women, and Vocal Ensemble of the year with Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets. Marks has recently released her third original album, Broken Dam, with award-winning producer Jake Johnson of Paradyme Productions. She lives in rural Reedsburg.

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    Mark Croft

    Mark Croft is an award-winning singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist who has always been unafraid to break the genre barriers. Croft takes inspiration from a variety of musical styles and blends them into his own pop, roots & Americana based approach to songwriting, infusing soulful performances with infectious rhythms and unforgettable melodies. A seasoned performer, Croft has been serving up exciting and emotional shows to audiences for more than a decade. His booming baritone vocals, finely crafted songs, and ability to navigate his six-string with superiority, has garnered him praise as the a classic triple-threat.

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    Michael Massey

    Michael Massey is a composer, singer, songwriter, pianist, performer, and producer who has written or collaborated on over 300 rock, pop, country, and instrumental songs as well as the score for the full length, Dracula; A Rock Ballet. He has four critically acclaimed albums, including Pop Album of the Year in 2006 and Unique Album of the Year in 2014 at the Madison Area Music Awards. Michael has also won numerous ADDY, TELLY, and WAVE awards for excellence in original music for advertising.

    Musical accomplishments include four albums released to critical and popular acclaim. The first is an instrumental piano album, "Be Careful How You Say Pianist," second, twelve fully produced pop songs in “Attack Of The Delicious” which won Pop Album of the year at the Madison Area Music Awards, third, “The Present” which is eleven piano arrangements of traditional Christmas pieces and two original compositions and most recently, the soundtrack to Dracula, A Rock Ballet, recorded live with a 7 piece band at the Capitol Theater at The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin, which garnered Unique Album of the Year honors. A fifth album, 13 songs stripped down to their bare essentials entitled, "Naked" is forthcoming.

    Michael can currently be found performing around the Midwest with the Dueling Piano Show, Piano Fondue and as a vocalist with the award winning 18 piece Steely Dan Tribute Band, Steely Dane.

    While maintaining a busy performance schedule, Michael is also known for his ability to write in virtually any musical genre including scoring, post, long form, theater, radio spots, and television commercials. Clients for radio and television commercials include New Balance, Oscar Mayer, Metra Chicago, Jones Dairy Farm, Badgerland Financial, Country Kitchen, UW Hospital, Meriter Hospital, Great Wisconsin Credit Union, American, Michael’s Frozen Custard, Mercury Marine, Culver's and United Way.

    Other accomplishments include original scores for John Urban's short film "The Blue Wire" for the Wiskino Film Festival and Denver filmmaker Julie Pearson’s “Terminal Vigilantes.” Co-wrote and co-produced a score with Jack Letourneau for the computer animated feature, "Time, Space" for the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. Composed four children’s musicals and is currently co-writing a sexy, musical theatrical production with actor, writer, producer/director Suzan Kurry. Composed an orchestral piece for the University Of Michigan Alumni that was broadcast at the “Big House” in Ann Arbor during Wolverine football games.

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    Lucien Parker

    Lucien Parker is a hip-hop artist & songwriter from Minneapolis. His melodic flow and affinity for smooth, catchy hooks make for ear-grabbing songs that Lucien records, mixes and masters himself. He has earned placements on major blogs and playlists, toured internationally and just wrapped up a tour supporting his latest releases, Chapter V: Tireless and Chapter VI: Metamorphosis. True to the name of his project, Lucien Parker isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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    DJay Mando

    DJay Mando has made a name for himself as the most popular DJ in the Midwest. Specializing in hip-hop, electronic and latin music, Mando has turned up crowds from Milwaukee to Amsterdam and Peru. He holds residencies at the most popular clubs in Madison, La Crosse, & Milwaukee and tours regularly. He has supported artists like 21 Savage, MadeinTYO, Waka Flocka Flame, KYLE, PNB Rock, DRAM, Lil Uzi Vert, Sammy Adams, IshDARR, Freddie Gibbs, Felly, Rich The Kid & more. An energetic and engaging performer, a DJay Mando show is one fans won't forget anytime soon.

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    Sam Sardina

    Sam is a country pop, acoustic singer/songwriter that performs original and cover songs. She released her first seven track EP in the summer of 2016. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, her mission is to discover and create music that is unique and lyrically driven.

    Although Sam just started singing publicly in 2015, her passion for music and songwriting can be traced to 2002 when she belted out Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” at the age of 8. A year earlier, she taught herself piano, learned clarinet at 11 and taught herself guitar at 15. Sam plays a mean harmonica and is a master air drummer.

    Today, Sam’s social media fan base has exploded internationally and she loves playing out, whenever and wherever opportunity comes. She won “Fan Favorite” as the fourth place finalist out of 80 contestants in a Madison, WI radio station singer/songwriting competition.

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    Lo Marie

    Lo Marie is a singer/songwriter from Madison, Wisconsin. Starting at age 5 with voice training and piano lessons, she has never looked back as she pursues new channels of musical expression.

    Lo Marie earned a Bachelor of Music in Voice & Economics. from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. She started as an opera singer. Soon recognizing her true passion and affinity for jazz music, she began jazz guitar lessons with Jerry Kimbrough. Lo Marie studied under the great Billy Adair, director of jazz studies at Vanderbilt, and played in his professional big band, The Establishment.

    With a pool of original songs and producer Jerry Kimbrough, Lo Marie released her first EP, Beyond the Age of Reason in August 2012 and gained an international following.

    She toured the US from New York to Los Angeles, building her repertoire and perfecting new works at shows in Nashville, Chicago, and Madison. After years of work, Lo Marie finished her second EP, Solid Ground, in January of 2015, which was also produced by Jerry Kimbrough.

    Solid Ground won the Jazz Album of the Year at the 2015 MAMA Awards.

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    Robert J

    Robert J. has been a mainstay in the Wisconsin music scene ever since releasing his first record Boys Town in 1986. He has won the Wisconsin Male Vocalist of the year, 9 MAMA Awards and songwriting awards including the Billboard Song Contest for his tune, "A Million Miles Away". In 2015, he was awarded the Lifetime Legacy Award from the MAMAs for his songwriting. Robert has had success with his bands, Boystown, The Moon Gypsies and The Rowdy Prairie Dogs. Over the years Robert J. has shared the stage with many well known artists including, The Beach Boys, The Subdudes, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Delbert McClinton, LeAnn Rimes, John Eddie, Paul Thorn and many others.

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    Corey Mathew Hart

    From the time Corey Mathew Hart started singing at a young age, his voice has amazed audiences. “The human voice is such wonderfully complex instrument. So often, words can fail to portray the whole meaning or idea you are trying to get across, but in song you can convey more emotion and add more depth and dimension to the written word,” says Hart. And he does just that with a voice and songs that earned Hart two MAMAs (Madison Area Music Association awards) in 2011, one for best male vocalist and the other for best Folk/Americana album. Most recently, Corey won the Overture Rising Stars competition in 2014 and has been selected as a finalist in the 2015 NewSong songwriting competition. His latest project, Lost Lakes, is turning heads both locally and nationally.

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    Jimmy Voegeli

    A Hammond Organ Artist, Jimmy's won MAMA (Madison Area Music Award) awards for "Keyboardist of the Year" in 2010, 2012 & 2015. Jimmy also received WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) awards for "Keyboardist of the Year" in 2011 and 2015. In 2015 The Jimmys won a MAMA award for "Blues Performer of the Year" and in 2012 earned a WAMI award for "Best Swing/Big Band Ensemble."

    During the day Jimmy helps out on his family's fifth-generation dairy farm. They till 1,500 acres of crop land, milk over 200 Brown Swiss dairy cows; and export embryos, bull semen, and live animals all over the world! They show and exhibit dairy cattle throughout the states. His grandfather, father, and brother are world-renowned dairy geneticists, selling their genetics to 100's of countries, on every continent (except Antarctica). If you need cows (or farm cats) they are your one stop shop. Visit and see.

    Jimmy played with the Westside Andy and Mel Ford band for 18 years - voted "Best Blues Band in Wisconsin" and "Best Band in Madison" numerous times; they received a Grammy Award nomination for "Contemporary Blues Album" in 2003. Jimmy went to Europe with The Crashers in 2003 in support of their "Love School" CD, touring with Dan Baird and Homemade Sin.

    He's been on stage with such greats as Pinetop Perkins, Rusty Zinn, Guitar Shorty, Joe Bonamassa, Perry Weber, Rev Raven, Billy Flynn, Tab Benoit, James Solberg, Shirley King, EC Scott, Clyde Stubblefield, Ben Sidran, Ken Saydak, and Dave Specter. There'd be more listed if his crusty little brain could remember!

    Jimmy's recorded with The Funkmasters (John 'Jabo' Starks and Clyde Stubblefield - former drummers for James Brown), The Crashers, Lucas Cates, Robert J, Paul Filipowicz, The Velveetatones, Alex Wilson, Aaron Williams, Bobby Messano, and Fedora - just to name a few.

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    The North Code

    The North Code is an indie folk band based in Madison, Wisconsin.

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    Angela Puerta

    Angela Puerta is a Colombian singer-songwriter and guitarist based in Madison, Wisconsin. Her main music influence is Rock en Español, Alternative Rock, Pop, Reggae, Colombian folklore and other Latin American music. The band is comprised of Angela on vocals/guitar, Edu on keyboard and Willie Gracia on minor percussion. Angela Puerta is currently working on her first album as a solo artist.

    Angela has performed for events (public and private) and at various locations in Madison, like the Majestic Theatre, Overture Center for the Arts, High Noon Saloon, Brink Lounge, and Memorial Union Terrace.

    At 18, while in living in Colombia, Angela created her first cover rock band, Umbral12pm. She performed music by musicians like Alanis Morrisette, Janis Joplin, Cranberries, No Doubt, Aterciopelados and Soda Estereo.

    Angela has traveled across the world. In 2011, she lived in Australia and during her time there expanded her music career. She was introduced to Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Cumbia. With her band, they performed across Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland.

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    Rock Impacto

    Rock Impacto is a local Latin Rock band formed in Madison by its founder Julio Areola. He noticed that Madison did not have an active Latin Rock band and decided it was time to put one together. With the help of his friends in the music scene. Rock Impacto began to take shape.

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    Kelsey Miles

    The hottest live band to hit Madison. We bring you covers and original music that speak to your soul and makes you dance.

    Be bold. Be curious. Be you!

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    Madtown Get Down

    A funky fresh funk/rock party band out of Madison, WI.

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    The Mascot Theory

    A high-energy dose of toe-tapping Americana folk-country rock drenched in tight harmonies spewing lyrics of love, loss, regret, death, and hope. With groups like Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, and Dawes setting the tone, the sub-genre of acoustic folk rock made its way to mainstream radio and captured an incredible and very loyal fan base. With the release of their Nashville-recorded album Hand Me Down Miracles, the Esperanto EP, and the most recent Trust and Bones album, The Mascot Theory is set to be the next band in that category to make a major impact, as they have quickly moved up the popularity ranks of Madison's music scene with their infectious songwriting and energetic live shows. They balance on an alternative folk influence and pull it together with a rootsy bluegrass blended Americana feel to give something that fits alongside their counterparts, but also has enough freshness to it to give it a unique spin and create their own sound as well, with a sonic backbone of 4-part harmony swells.

    Along with a 2017 WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) win for Best Male Vocalist (Erik Kjelland) and a nomination for Best Americana/folk artist, The Mascot Theory has won 18 MAMA (Madison Area Music Association) awards including back to back 2016 and 2017 Artist of the Year awards. They have played major festivals throughout the Wisconsin including Summerfest, Freak Fest, and Mile of Music Festival, and have shared the stage with BoDeans, Vance Joy, Frank Turner, Chase Rice, Kaleo, The Wild Feathers, Guster, Blitzen Trapper, Cory Chisel, Andy Frasco and the UN, Don McLean and Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts.

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    Dana Perry

    Madison-based artist Dana Perry has been making music passionately for over 25 years, with over 12 years of focus on playing guitar and songwriting. A unique and semi-percussive guitar style, combined with poignant lyrics and powerhouse vocals; her music resonates with anyone who recognizes that we are all on a Journey.

    In 2016, Dana was nominated for the Madison Area Music Association award for Guitarist of the Year. She has released 2 full-length DIY albums (Here Try This in 2009, The Shit in My Pockets in 2012), and her 3rd and newest album "Me and Lady G" (2016) has been nominated for the 2017 MAMA Award for Folk/Americana Album of the Year! Dana is one-third of the hard folk trio SHESHE (MAMA’s Unique Performer of the Year, 2015), and one-fourth of her band Imaginary Watermelon (MAMA's New Artist of the Year, 2017). She teaches guitar and voice at SOSONIC, and is a guitar instructor/band coach for Madison Girls Rock Camp.

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    Jeffrey James

    Jeffrey James has been traveling the world for seven years, performing positive, conscious, feel-good music. Jeffrey carries a vibe and a message with his soulful melodies and his melodic rhythms. Spending winters in the Sierra Nevada mountains, harvests in Northern California wine country, and ample time on various Pacific Islands, Jeffrey has a unique sound rich with island tones and dreamy imagery.

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    King Leopard

    King Leopard, founded by lead singer Tosland Hopkins and drummer Aaron Kluz, set out with the sole purpose of making people dance. Shortly after forming, the band expanded to included bassist Andy Hansen and lead guitarist Skylar Nahn. All members have vast musical backgrounds ranging from EDM, classical music, solo acts and marching arts. A strong focus on songwriting paired with musical talent has helped KL develop its sound to entertain a great range of music lovers.

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    Tent Show Troubadours

    Tent Show Troubadours were formed by Bob Hoot and Doug McLeod in January 2016. Bob Hoot (guitar, vocals) and Doug McLeod (bass) are the foundation of the group with Ron Vogel (lead guitar), Mike Morgenthaler (drums) and occasional assistance from Jenniper Hylbert (vocals) and Molly Lins (vocals).

    TST has recorded and performed with a variety of players including, Jenniper Hylbert (vocals), Tom Ellis (drums), Lindsay Everly (keyboard, vocals), Eli Gray (drums), Chris DiBernardo (drums), Harvey Briggs (guitar, vocals) and Bruce Wasserstrom (guitar).

    TST have five musical offerings to which you can listen and groove. Original Music in a Variety of Flavors, Tangled Ways, Revival, Murder of Crows and the latest album — Autumn's Empire.

    Autumn's Empire is a 12-song album with the core lineup of Bob Hoot, Doug McLeod, Tom Ellis and Jenniper Hylbert. Joining TST of six tracks is Gabe Burdulis (lead guitar-slinger) and on seven of the tracks is multi-instrumentalist Chris Wagoner (violin, lap steel, accordion). In addition, Molly Lins (vocals) contributes her angelic harmonies on every song.

    Tent Show Troubadours sound is best described by the title of their first album: Original Music in a Variety of Flavors. Bob Hoot writes songs with smart lyrics in styles from Cow Punk to Ska, Funk to Americana, and rockers to ballads.

    TST’s album titled Murder of Crows was MAMA Awards finalist for Alternative Album.

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    Chloe Louise

    Chloe Louise decided that singing was what she wanted to be doing around the age of two, when Julie Andrews taught her you could sing in public and she figured out costumes could be made out of curtains.

    Years later, after receiving her first tape player, along with a combination of Elvis, the Grease soundtrack, and TLC tapes (thanks, Mom), she realized that you could not only sing songs, but also make up your own words. At the arrival of her first guitar in her early teens, Chloe has dedicated her life to writing music that maintains the perfect balance of sparkle and wit.

    Her influences include everything from Shania Twain to Drake. Singing in her shower solidly remains one of her number one hobbies.

    Her debut album “Hard to Tell” will be released in the spring of 2018.

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    Pat Ferguson

    Originally making waves as a founding member and lead guitarist for longtime Midwest music scene staple, The Smokin' Bandits, Pat Ferguson has emerged as a renowned and nationally recognized solo performer, songwriter, and vocalist; his sound channeling Americana, bluegrass, and folk, deeply influenced by his Upper Mississippi River musical roots.

    Based in Madison, WI, Pat has announced the release of his first full-length solo effort, Light of Day / Dark of Night, due out 4/27/18 on LoHi Records. Produced by Adam Greuel of Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Light of Day / Dark of Night is a record that paints the picture of retrospect and builds an appreciation for what it means to ride the highest of highs or lowest of lows, while longing with admiration for the other. The album showcases a collection of original music that combines gorgeous instrumentation, stirring harmonies, and powerful songwriting rooted in his core influences.

    Featuring guest contributions from the likes of Jacob Jolliff (Yonder Mountain String Band), Kyle Keegan (Ben Howard & Mandolin Orange), Kenny Leiser (WheelHouse), Chad Staehly (Hard Working Americans & Great American Taxi), Sarah Vos (Dead Horses), and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Light of Day / Dark of Night is a pure representation of the power of musical collaboration, chronicling a journey that will speak to music lovers of all genres and generations. Pat will be on tour the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2018 performing solo and also with his band, The Sundown Sound, in support of the record.

    When off the road, Pat hosts two residencies in Madison. He is the house musician at HotelRED and performs every Wednesday evening, and also hosts a "Pat Ferguson & Friends" residency the last Tuesday of the month at the UpNorth Madison which features some of Madison's finest musicians. In fifteen years of touring, Pat has shared the stage and performed with Grammy Award winners, Country Music and Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame members, and countless other world-class musicians including Merle Haggard, Little Feat, Dr. John, Jason Isbell, Todd Snider, Great American Taxi, The Big Wu, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Dead Horses, The People Brothers Band, Bill Miller, Trampled by Turtles, Chicago Farmer, and many more.

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    Kaia Kalise

    Kaia Kalise is inspired by the personal and the fictional, the primal and poetic. She lives for a good story and a play on words, melding classical piano with impassioned indie rock stylings. Reviewers have noted being "entranced" by her "upbeat yet contemplative" music & lyrics, comparing her voice to a variety of artists including Sara Bareilles, Paramore, and Fleetwood Mac.

    Acknowledgements include the 2017 Madison Area Music Association award for Classical Song and the 2016 award for Jazz Song, the Top 8 in 105.5 Triple M’s Project M contest, and RAW Madison’s Musician of the Year Semi-Finalist. She is also lucky enough to perform and compose for her other great love, the theatre. She released her first full-length album, Half Lives, in May 2018.

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    Teddy Davenport

    Teddy Davenport was Born April 30, 1987 in Madison, WI. Raised just outside in a small town, he grew up listening to old country tunes. Outlaw country stars like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings were introduced to him early on. Music and hockey were his first passions. Teddy naturally excelled on the ice and at 14; he was given his first guitar. His love for music grew stronger with The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and that very special guitar. Hockey lost all sense of excitement during Teddy’s high school years. That was when he ditched his skates and ran into a life of chaos. Drugs and alcohol took a hold of him and wouldn’t seem to let go, no matter how much suffering he endured. As a sophomore, Davenport was expelled from school and sent to his first stint in rehab, followed closely by military school. He dismissed help from mentors and counselors one after another. When he returned to DeForest High School for senior year, it wasn’t long after that his best friend was killed in a tragic car accident.

    After 2005 graduation, Teddy escaped to San Diego and plunged deeper and harder into addiction. The pain followed him to California and back to Wisconsin, where another best friend passed away in an alcohol related crash, only a year after his first loss. This sent Davenport into the darkest depression he had ever faced. Not knowing where to turn, he continued to look to drugs and alcohol. By 19 Teddy was fully addicted, completely strung out, and the only thing he felt he had left was his guitar. After kicking hard drugs in 2012 he was called to music again, a powerful voice he couldn’t ignore. This time able to seriously play, Davenport found the determination to put the band Rustic Road together. After their first gig he had his final run in with the law, the start to an end of a decade full of blackouts, overdoses, and withdrawals. Teddy, broken and lost, found hope in sobriety and strength in recovery. By 2014, his body clean and mind clear, Davenport could see the direction he was going, where he had always wanted. He had gotten his feet wet with the band, tirelessly wrote, and started playing solo shows. His courage to revisit his past through music proved to captivate music fans with his first EP, A Shot Of Grace. Davenport’s songs are influenced by traditional American music. You can hear the influences of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, with a modern country swagger. He writes with complete honesty about love, sin, struggle and hope. Teddy, a new man, played shows weekly throughout all of 2015. He made appearances and Mile Of Music as well as Madison’s own Bratfest and Wurst Times. He proudly opened for Michael McDermott, The Blackbird Revue and Deadstring Brothers. Davenport stays busy locally, but has also taken his music nationwide. There are no limits to his talent or his passion for music. He sets out to reach as many people as possible, hoping most recently to capture them with his second EP, Middle Of A Miracle, released December 2015.

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    Quick And Painless

    We are a high school alternative rock band from around Madison Wisconsin. We play a mix of original music and covers.