Between The Waves Conference and Festival provides musicians the knowledge to pursue, the expertise to implement, and the tools to guide their journey toward earning a living making music and have a good time doing it.

Experienced industry professionals share relevant practical knowledge and provide specific actionable takeaways during independent musician focused conference sessions on topics such as songwriting, music technology, marketing, creative arts law, and business matters. A varied session structure including lectures, interactive roundtables, workshops, panel discussions, memoir-style talks, ask-me-anything style Q&As, panel reviews, one-on-one mentoring, and technology demos contributes to an engaging attendee experience and frees presenters to tailor session structure to the subject matter.

Attendees enjoy direct interaction with manufacturers and service providers in the trade show exhibition hall, a unique opportunity for them to learn more about the people and businesses catering to their needs, the instruments, gear, products, and services available from those vendors, and how these offerings can help them achieve their goals.

Experts from around the country in town to deliver conference presentations and staff exhibition booths during the day are on hand at Madison's anchor live music venues at night to witness festival performances by Madison's top acts as part of diverse bills and curated showcases that offer a vibrant testament to the world-class musical talent in the area throughout a range of genres.

By design, Between The Waves Conference and Festival sessions and performances provide opportunities for songwriters, composers, and performers to network and build community with other musicians and with talent buyers, producers, publishers, and other music professionals in a collaborative artistic environment conducive to exploration, interaction, and shared learning.

You can earn a living as a working musician. Let us show you how.

Our Management Team

  • Roy Elkins

    Roy Elkins

    Founder and Lead Organizer

    Roy is a well-known music technology entrepreneur who has been leading industry innovations for nearly thirty years. He is also the Founder and CEO of Broadjam Inc., serving independent musicians and industry giants alike., the company's popular independent web site now hosting over 180,000 artists and 700,000 songs, has become one of the most influential music sites in the independent music world.

  • Rick Tvedt

    Rick Tvedt

    Finance Lead

    Rick is the Founder, former Executive Director, and current Treasurer for the Madison Area Music Association. He also runs Local Sounds Magazine, an online publication giving local artists the independent media resources they need to not only survive but to thrive. Rick works as a CPA with several nonprofits and with private individuals.

  • Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant

    Grant Lead

    Michael is a marketing and product management executive with over two decades of experience in managing and bringing products to a world-wide market. He is also an award-winning composer, performer, recording engineer, and the co-author of two books on digital video and audio production.

  • Steve Foldvari

    Steve Foldvari

    Sponsorship Lead

    Steve is a marketing executive with extensive experience across all facets of the marketing spectrum. He's spent 30 years with Fortune 500 companies, most recently in the audio production industry, designing, strategizing, and executing business-to-business and business-to-consumer campaigns.

  • Amber Swenor

    Amber Swenor

    Marketing Lead

    Amber's experience spans a lifetime of curiosity and 14 years professionally in sales, online marketing, brand development, and marketing strategy. She's the Founder of Strategic Partners Marketing, an ad agency serving small businesses in the Madison, WI market.

  • Teri Barr

    Teri Barr

    Promotions Lead

    Teri is a multimedia feature writer, radio host, and award-winning journalist. She is known for turning her storytelling skills into the type of expertise needed today for content, social media, and public relations. Her work appears regularly in local and regional publications, along with news and webcasts at the national level. If she is not working on a project, she may be banging on her drums, supporting the music of others, hunting for the best beach with her husband Brian, or snuggling with one of their three cats: CBGB, Whisky a GoGo, HarrieYeti-Boo-Boo-Kitty.

  • Katie Scullin

    Katie Scullin

    Graphic Art Lead

    After studying Graphic Design in college, Katie took a leap of faith and started performing and touring with various bands and musical groups as a primary career. She has since shared stages and opened for acts such as Jay Leno, Big Sean, Bret Michaels, and Bone Thugs and Harmony. Her style shifts and changes, and it's all inspired. With her current studies in Visual Communications, Katie is driven to create aesthetically pleasing material in all art forms both musically and visually.

  • Anthony Del Ciello

    Anthony Del Ciello

    Web Lead

    Anthony is fluent in many languages: PHP, MySql, MSSQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Flash, Linux/Apache, ASP, OOP PHP, and - oh yeah - English. These are the tools of his trade as the webmaster for and Between The Waves. When not writing code, he's either making or enjoying music.