Saturday, June 16
12 noon - 8pm
High Noon Saloon Parking Lot - 701 East Washington Avenue - Madison, WI 53703

  • Beth Kille Bio
    Beth Kille Bio

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    Karen Boer

    I am inspired by nature and I enjoy capturing the beauty of it and my goal as an artist is to create works that bring pleasure to peoples lives. I paint in oils and acrylics on canvas as well as murals and enjoy working with textiles, beads, mosaics and photography.

  • Beth Kille Bio
    Beth Kille Bio

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    Jennifer Peters

    Jennifer Peters Photography

    It is my sincere hope that my images help to introduce a world that people may overlook: the intricate nuances of natural forms. By delving into the visual dewdrops, veins of leaves, and seedpods of strange plants, I try to awaken our tastes for wanting to see the beauty in detail. I explore these delicate fragments of nature as abstract forms of art.

  • Yvette Pino & Denita Long Bio
    Yvette Pino & Denita Long Bio

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    Yvette Pino & Denita Long

    The Two Maries

    The Two Maries is a collaborative art venture between Yvette M. Pino and Denita M. Long. Yvette is a printmaker and the founder of The Veteran Print Project. Denita is a lover of history and documents the beauty of ordinary objects.

  • Michael Ward Bio
    Michael Ward Bio

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    Michael Ward

    Obsurd Art

    Michael Ward was born on September 29th, 1978. After his arrival, on the way home a car jumped in front of his father’s vehicle, causing a severe accident that seriously injured Michael. Doctors today label him as having cerebral palsy.

    Michael’s mother and father were both artists. It was always an adventure tracing over the lines of his mother’s drawings, coloring the world as he imagined. Objects and shapes became a big part of Michael’s life, but it was not until his adulthood that he became confident and ready to expose his work.

    Throughout high school, Michael was always considered an outcast. However, this only made him more real, providing the extra push and fire beneath his feet to find his Superman. Soon he and the pencil became inseparable. Michael’s drawings speak for themselves. Only your eyes can analyze the theory behind his inner madness. The conscience, as Michael smiles, is Obsurd. It is something for everyone to question.

  • Sara Meredith Bio

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    Sara Meredith

    Smere Tactics

    Sara creates art that is a reflection of the journey of self-awareness and an expression of that true-self buried in the deep. Picking up on the common thread of connection to all life, real and abstract.

  • Christy Grace Bio
    Christy Grace Bio

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    Christy Grace

    The art term, Chiaroscuro, would best describe Christy’s art and personality. Chiaroscuro is the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting. He work varies from warm and whimsical to dark, moody, and vulnerable.

  • Barb Westfall Bio
    Barb Westfall Bio

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    Barb Westfall

    Art Glass Design

    Barb designs and builds custom fused glass fine art to complement your style and space-from small, evocative works of art to large, multi-panel murals.

  • Julie Raasch Bio
    Julie Raasch Bio

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    Julie Raasch


    I have a passion for jewelry and working with metal. As a metalsmith I enjoy working with sterling silver, copper and sometimes brass.

  • Jennifer Angelo Bio

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    Jennifer Angelo

    Jennifer creates handmade, natural-fiber garments using the felting technique called “nuno,” or “cloth” in Japanese. Fusing the softest Merino wool with hand-dyed silk, she designs unique fabrics and shapes them into lightweight scarves, wraps and other drapable pieces that convey a sense of tranquility and timelessness. Jennifer, who holds a doctorate in occupational therapy, was teaching in New Zealand when the prominence of sheep deepened her interest in fiber arts and prompted her to experiment with wool and study felting techniques with local and international artists. Today, she enjoys playing with the interaction of colors and the effects of organic “sumi” ink, traditionally used in some East Asian cultures for calligraphy and brush painting.

  • Jaroslava Sobiskova Bio
    Jaroslava Sobiskova Bio

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    Jaroslava Sobiskova

    Jaroslava was born to an extremely wealthy cattle baroness and her husband Hank in the harsh north Minnesota landscape of 1913. You will note in her paintings a harkening back to her earliest materials; dung, hay, cow's milk, and blood. OR .......