Join the BTW Team

Between The Waves Conference and Festival, held June 7-9, provides musicians the knowledge to pursue, the expertise to implement, and the tools to guide their journey toward earning a living making music, and to have a good time doing it. Conference sessions offer relevant practical knowledge and actionable takeaways, and paid festival slots offer musicians a shot to play for new crowds. Conference activities and festival performances are also natural opportunities for musicians to build community and to network with other musicians and a variety of music professionals.

Between The Waves Conference and Festival is planned, organized, and executed by a team of dedicated volunteers committed to presenting the event as a beneficial and entertaining resource for attendees. Central to everything from pre-event preparations to day-of set up to staffing various positions during the conference and festival, volunteers are critical to the success of Between The Waves Conference and Festival in providing attendees with educational value and an enjoyable experience. Volunteering with Between The Waves Conference and Festival is a chance to meet and work with other people who share your interest in music, gain experience working on an event team, and help build music community.

Pre-event volunteer activities include a variety of administrative and organizational tasks. During the event, volunteers are involved in setting up conference and festival venues, greeting and assisting attendees, stage managing conference session rooms and performance stages, and assisting presenters and performers.

Ideal Between The Waves Conference and Festival volunteers are passionate about music, have good interpersonal communication skills, and are flexible, responsible, and trustworthy. To help the event run as smoothly as possible, volunteers are expected to be responsive to email, telephone, and text communication, conduct themselves professionally and respectfully at all times, and honor the commitments they make for time availability, to complete tasks, etc.

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